Coming Soon: Ravenous (Burning Bright)

Yönetmen: Carlos Brooks
Yapım: USA
Gösterim/Çıkış Tarihi: -
Senaryo: Christine Coyle Johnson, Julie Prendiville Roux
Oyuncu Kadrosu: Briana Evigan (Sorority Row), Garret Dillahunt, Charlie Tahan,Mary Rachel Dudley, Peggy Sheffield, Meat Loaf
Tür: Gerilim
Stüdyo: Lionsgate Home Entertainment
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1244658/


Burning Bright - Trailer
When 20 year old Kelly wakes late at night during a hurricane, she finds a hungry tiger stalking her through the halls of her home. With every door and window boarded up from the outside and her stepfather nowhere to be found, Kelly fights frantically to stay one step ahead of the killer beast while dragging her autistic brother Tom through the house, but with every turn the situation becomes more complicated and desperate.

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