The Gates 1x05 'Repercussions' Promo

ABC'nin yaz döneminde ekrana sürdüğü The Gates’in 18 Temmuz Pazar günü yayınlan 'The Monster Within' isimli ilk sezonun 4.bölümünün ardından 25 Temmuz Pazar günü yayınlanacak olan 'Repercussions' isimli 5.bölümü için fragman yayınlandı.

The Gates 1x05 'Repercussions' -Promo
Season one, episode 5 "Repercussions" promo. Episode airs July 25th only on ABC.
No sooner is Nick assailed with the revelation that vampires exist and are living inside The Gates, than he finds himself forced into an alliance with one. To complicate matters, Marcus begins an investigation into Teresa's disappearance, bringing him dangerously close to uncovering the secret that Dylan and Nick share. Devon is brewing up some trouble of her own when she decides to let bygones be bygones and attend a party with her ex-husband and his new wife. Meanwhile, Andie is reeling from a recent discovery that threatens to stunt her budding relationship with Charlie. Unfazed and enamored, Charlie continues to pursue her,oblivious to the mortal danger he may face.

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