The Gates 1x06 'Jurisdiction' Promo

ABC'nin yaz döneminde ekrana sürdüğü The Gates’in 25 Temmuz Pazar günü yayınlan 'Repercussions' isimli ilk sezonun 5.bölümünün ardından 01 Ağustos Pazar günü yayınlanacak olan 'Jurisdiction' isimli 6.bölümü için fragman yayınlandı.

When a neighbor is murdered inside The Gates at the hand of a vampire, Nick enlists Dylan's help to find the killer. Sarah 
organizes a school fundraiser at Devon's Spa, but finds it difficult to bring bickering factions together. Claire attempts to end 
her "arrangement" with Christian, only to find him more entrenched in her life than ever. Frustrated by the side effects, Andie 
stops taking her medicine and tries to control her symptoms, resulting in dire consequences for those around her.

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